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  • It can store up to 60,000 media files within 60 seconds.
  • Backup ALL Your Photos & Videos.
  • Massive Storage.
  • Fast & Portable.
  • On-Going Backups.


  • Doesn’t Come with Instructions.

Are you one of those people who loves photography? You might have saved dozens or even hundreds of images on your digital camera, the social media network, or your phone. Anyone who has saved several photographs over the years probably endured the misfortune of missing some of those images. Maybe you lost your device, or it was harmed by water or a computer virus. People are constantly missing images, and those precious memories are often lost forever.

How many times have you feared oblivion? Well, losing your pictures, videos, and documents is as close as you will come to the reality of oblivion. We know every time your laptop or desktop crashes, it gives you all kinds of nightmares. Anyone who has experienced hard drive failure knows the pain. But do not fret, we’ve found just the right product for you! ThePhotoStick does all the cumbersome work of organizing and backing up your data to make sure you never lose your memories. 

This photo stick review shall contain insight into the desktop version, and we hope you know enough at the end to make the right choice.

What is ThePhoto Stick?

ThePhoto Stick is a lightweight, and compact USB thumb drive that scans your archives, finds your photos, and saves them instantly. No technical know-how is needed to use ThePhotoStick. ThePhotoStick is a revolutionary tool intended to back up data in seconds. It just looks like the pen drive you’ve already got. It contains software that searches for images you lost across directories. ThePhotoStick not only operates on photographs, but it can also find documents and video records. ThePhoto Stick can keep your photos and videos in its memory (up to 60,000 of them, and that’s a crazy amount) safe and protected.

It is important to create a backup in case something unexpected happens to your modem or hard drive because uncertainty is inevitable.


The Secret That Makes ThePhotoStick So Easy

You don’t need to be a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist to use ThePhoto stick. (Yes, this is a secret Tony Stark fan page) Considering Jarvis isn’t here to backup photos for you, let’s learn how photostick makes your life easy.

ThePhotoStick is designed specifically to find personal photos and videos on your laptop or computer. Only pick “Go” and plug it in, it will take about 10-20 minutes for its magic to work. It will look through all the folders and directories on your computer to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. It deletes all duplicate files afterward, so you don’t need to stress yourself about deleting them. Just unplug PhotoStick, and you’re done! All the photos and videos are now on this teensy-tiny USB. After you get photo stick backup, you can access these images on a different computer to share them with others, or print out some pictures!

The PhotoStick functions best on ordinary JPEG files. As long as your PC is saving files in this format, they can be found later. It can also scan for files stored in formats like MPEG4 and MOV, such as videos. You can also customize the tool to let it scan for certain kinds of files, including PNG photos. This software may be used for pictures you import from the web. It does a good job of remembering previous images, which stops it from creating new copies of the same data.

Photo Stick

Features of ThePhotoStick

ThePhotoStick is a small device that automatically backs up your cherished memories without the hassle of searching and organizing yourself!

  • Simple to use – Specially built file backup software is easy to understand irrespective of your experience with technology.
  • Works on Android, iOS, iPad, and iPod Touch – Just plug the PhotoStick in to get going.
  • Easily transfer to your desktop – Keep your files backed-up on ThePhotoStick or connect them into a USB port to transfer everything to your computer.
  • One-Click Backup – This device simply backs up all your memories by plugging in the USB port and clicking the’ GO ‘ button. Just one click away to store all your memories. 
  • Compatible with all media formats – Most media types such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more can be viewed. You can put all the old and new images in this small memory stick.
  • Fast and Automatic – This has built-in applications and is very quick and efficient. It works very speedily and has an automated program.
  • No Internet Required – No internet connection is required, so the backup can be performed at any time. It functions like a hard drive, works online and offline as well.

Pros & Cons:

All coins have two sides, so let’s dig intothe photo stick review:


  1. Saves Monthly Expense – You will avoid paying monthly expenses for cloud storage with ThePhotoStick. It is a one-time investment, which would help you for a lifetime.
  • Productivity – All the hours you’ve devoted to processing and arranging files, it could’ve been invested somewhere more valuable. Using thephotostick helps you save time, and stops you from wasting hours on file organization.
  • Safety –  Stop the agony and disappointment of losing your precious images just because you have forgotten to back them all up. Keep it free from device failures or corruptions by using this stick to do regular photo backup.
  • More than just photos – When you think Photostick works just on images, please think again. This handy tool works on videos too. ThePhotoStick provides an easy way to transfer videos off your hard drive without needing an alternative for cloud storage. You can save the originals on your hard drive and also transfer copies back to the Photostick; you can edit your photos when you want to share them with friends and family.
  • Simple and Reliable – The latest design has some impressive technology and makes the product a perfect gift as a personal storage device. It is very reliable, and you should not have any troubleshooting issues. It is durable and designed for efficient functionality, so there should be little reason for it to break down, malfunction, or to give you any kind of trouble.

Pros in a nutshell

  • It’s compact and accessible
  • Media is backed up regularly
  • Stores up to 60,000 files
  •  It easily screens out duplicates
  • Searches and detects all media files in minutes
  • Free delivery and a 30-day warranty
  • The Photo Stick does not need any technical know-how to be used
  • All you need to do is plug it into your computer’s USB drive, click on GO and let ThePhotoStick do the rest.
  • It does not require any encryption or cloud backup.
  • Not necessary to know the location of files and folders.
  • Given how much time it saves, The Photo Stick is priced affordably.

We want to be honest with you and would like to point out some shortcomings of the product. After all, you need to know the good and the bad before you know where to buy photostick if you want to make an informed decision. Let’s look at the flip side of the coin.


  1. Chaos in the photo stick – The biggest problem people encounter with ThePhotoStick is the confusion about how it holds data. You don’t have any clear way to organize the files on the storage device, which means that older files can sometimes get mixed up with newer ones, and when you go and view the files, you may not have a semblance of order. 

If you use this tool to move them to a new device, you can, of course, organize the files however you want.

  • No instructions – While it is very easy to use, the fact that its previous models do not come with any instructions can be a problem. You’ll have to figure everything out for yourself about the tool. There’s not much to it, but those less tech-savvy would have to research a little. While the PhotoStick does all of its functions automatically, the absence of instructions in previous models for this device will mostly displease certain consumers.

Cons in a nutshell

  • Missing 32 GB variant
  • Limited Stock option
  • Some online reports suggest that The Photo Stick may be better suited to use with a Windows than a Mac. You should keep that in mind if you have a Mac.
Photo Stick Reviews

How Does Photo Stick Work?

You’re partly right if you think the Photostick functions like a regular flash drive would do. This little machine looks like a flash drive, which has a USB that fits on every port on your computer.

What makes the product so deserving of notice is how it works. It also detects images, videos, and audio, and can store all of them in its compact design. That’s quite a lot of room. It could theoretically hold hundreds of thousands of photos, files, documents, and songs on a single device, which ensures that it could replace all of your other storage options.

Once you plug the device into one of the ports, you will need to make sure that your device is up and running. This normally takes a couple of seconds before a window opens up on your computer. When you push the “Go” button, it gives the photo stick access to the hard drive.

Have you ever transferred images from your phone to your machine, and forgot to change the file names before you save them? For those images that include numbers, most programs can give a name. If you need to find a particular picture later and can’t remember the name assigned to it or the date you took it, you can find it difficult to locate the photograph. Reviews by Photostick also point out how well this tool performs on both photos and other types of media. It not only works fast, but it can also find any photographs stored on your hard drive and make backups of those images.

This product comes with a self-operating scanning system. It will automatically detect what’s on the device and add it to its storage. Once the stick is up and running, the scanning and storing processes happen automatically.


Distinct features that make ThePhotoStick the best:

  • It scans and organizes the files.
  • Detects and eliminates duplicates immediately so you can save on memory.
  • Fast Media Recovery, within a few minutes of analyzing images and video data.
  • It can be accessed from a Windows PC or a Mac.
  • It doesn’t need any database backups or passwords. 
  • Not necessary to know the location of files and folders.
  • A one-time lifetime investment.

How to Run ThePhotoStick?

ThePhotoStick is user-friendly. Open the USB stick cover, locate a USB port on your computer and place the stick inside. It may not suit a single USB port at times. Search for just the perfect size. The computer detects the drive from there, and a window opens on the screen.

If the Window doesn’t show on the desktop, open My Device, check for the USB icon, and double-click it to allow the program to run. What is unique about this brand is that it comes with a detailed manual. You can visit the customer support website, or ask a friend for help. The Photostick reviews have featured it to be the best backup tool.

Photo Stick Reviews

How Much Does The Photo Stick Cost?

Right now, you’re probably wondering how much to spend on purchasing ThePhotoStick. As we have already described, ThePhotoStick comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Here’s how the prices range:

  • The small version of ThePhotoStick ( photo stick 8GB ), which has 8GB of storage and can store up to 3,500 Photographs, costs $34.99. 
  • The medium version of ThePhotoStick ( photo stick 64 ), which has 64 GB of storage and can store up to 30,000 Photographs, costs $49.99. That’s 40% off the original price.
    • The largest version of ThePhotoStick ( photo stick 128 ), which has 128 GB of storage and can store up to 60,000 Photographs, costs $79.99. That’s 50% off the original price.

It is reasonably affordable, costing less than any other flash drive. You should select one according to your needs and device compatibility. If the product fails to meet your standards, you can request a refund from the company that makes it. Amazon also provides discounts for those who have bought photo sticks from the site online.

One drawback of this refund is that it only includes manufacturing defects. That applies to things like a stick that wasn’t working when you plugged it in or one that once worked and never worked again. Furthermore, the manufacturer would want the device to be in good condition and in its original packaging. You might have difficulty getting a refund if you threw away the package. Some of the comments we found on the Photo Stick review claimed the manufacturers asked customers to pay for the shipping while returning.


Steps for a successful refund:

  • Gather the Photostick and all packaging
  • Write down the reasons you want a refund
  • Contact the manufacturer over the phone or online
  • Pack the Photostick and all materials together
  • Return the full package to the manufacturer

Who is it for? 

This product is useful for anyone, but it is especially helpful for people who are not very savvy with electronics. If you’ve been struggling in the past with using computers, tablets, and other tech devices, this app would be great for you. It’ll be so easy to use that you shouldn’t have any problem plugging in it and finding out how to store or use your files later. To view and navigate your images, folders, songs, and documents, you can plug in the pen drive to any compatible device. A window will pop up on most computers when you plug the computer in. From there, you can see and use all of the content you have stored on any computer.

Photostick Reviews

It is also a great product for avid photographers. You can store all your images without running out of space – no need to think about holding multiple storage devices. You can just stack everything in one place. You’re likely to save money on storage devices and have a much easier time finding what you’re searching for when everything is in one location.

Reasons why you should get  photo stick

After years of experience in reviewing tech products and recommending the best for our readers, we have used ThePhotoStick for a substantial amount of time and have covered all the good reasons for you to get photo stick.

  1. Saves Time – You can use the digital stick instead of wasting hours on the hard drive or SSD to look for your precious images. Just a single click helps you to check for images and videos in seconds on the computer.
  • Saves Money – Technology to organize your images will cost you € 100 or even more. But the Photostick USB costs less than half at the same time, which protects your photos and videos and saves you from unauthorized access and loss of data.
  • Protect your Personal Data – Your computer is always at risk from viruses or hackers. However, ThePhotoStick helps you to secure your files from external threats and ensures security to your personal documents.
  • One-time payment – The PhotoStick offers vast amounts of storage at a one-time purchase price — unlike cloud-based services that often come with high monthly fees. It even functions for both MAC and Windows operating systems, providing you protection irrespective of which sort of device you are using.
  • Fast and won’t make you furious – Users and other critics in photo stick reviews say that the brand delivers a quick and reliable service because it only takes a minute to run. But that depends on how many files your smartphone and other devices have. While locating missing files, it also looks for photographs, videos, and songs. Plus, it can build file backups on another computer or smartphone.
  • Save anything and everything – One thing to keep in mind when reading ThePhotoStick reviews is that the amount of storage you get depends on the size of your files. While most models will hold at least 3,500 to 60,000 images at best, there will be fewer videos on them. Video files are bigger and will take up more room. It’s also important to keep in mind the size of the hard drive on your computer. If you have a bigger hard drive that contains more saved data, you might want to go with one of the major ones.
  • No login or password required – Before you can start the backup process, you do not need passwords or filenames. It uses a central backup system to protect the files. Paying for cloud subscription services may have drained you. The app is going to make things very convenient for you. Save as many pictures and videos as you want without charging any subscription fees. It’s a smart way to get the best backup process possible. All of your videos and photos are stored securely so you can access them anytime.
  • Filters duplicates – You do not have to worry about the duplicate files on your computer. The program performs automated scanning so that only the original files are stored. There’s no need to waste any room in your backup. You should get Photostick to make the most of its backup option for photos and videos. This is an easy way to safeguard the files.
  • Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy – You do not have to obey extensive protocols before you can initiate the backup phase. You just press the go button, and it automatically starts the process. It is a highly reliable device that you can use to get the best results in the recovery process for your photos and videos.
  1. Compatible with every system– You will not have to think about your computer’s operating system. No installation program is needed. The unit will come with built-in software to analyze your computer and continue the backup of the images. Even if you have an old computer, it will still perform very well in allowing you to get a fast file backup. It is a machine that uses the mode of plug and play. Any time you plug it into your USB port, it will automatically start searching for pictures and videos. After you buy the device, you’ll have full control of your images and videos backup process.
  1. Safety #1 priority – You need a safe spot where you can back up your videos to stop them from getting lost in the heap of other files. The device works very well in allowing you to protect your files from destruction (due to computer crash or lack of password signing in to your cloud storage). Even if you need to store many images, they will remain safe as long as you keep the photo stick in good condition. It’s a great way to keep your videos and photos safe whenever you want.
The Photo Stick

What Makes The Photo Stick Different From Other Backup Methods?

There’s certainly no shortage of backup options that you can use to preserve your images. You could already be using one of these:

  • A USB Thumb Drive 
  • A Cloud-Based Backup System
  • CDs

There is nothing wrong with either of those methods in theory. They all let you copy files to them. However, there are certain things that make ThePhotoStick a safer option for people who have to conserve a lot of images.

  • ThePhotoStick is exclusively designed to comfortably store your photographs, with minimum fuss.
  • You can let The Photo Stick do the job for you instead of spending hours combing through your folders and searching through duplicates.
  • Photo Stick has plug-and-play functionality, which means that all you need to do is plug it into your device, and when asked, press the Go button. No other form of backup is this simple.
  • The Photo Stick is greatly preferable to disk storage because it will accommodate the largest size of images ( up to 60,000 )
  • The Photo Stick can easily save JPG, PNG, GIF, MOV, and MPEG 4 File, as well as BMP, TIFF, and AVI Files – and a lot more. It stores all formats, pictures, videos, and documents.

There are thousands of flash drives that can be bought and used today. Most look flat and mimic Photostick or come in other quirky designs. You would also know how to use ThePhotoStick if you’ve ever used a flash drive before. It only takes a couple of seconds to plug it into your computer, and a couple of minutes to complete a scan. ThePhoto stick is compliant with most devices.

Unlike its counterparts, ThePhotoStick is compatible with older and modern computers that run a Windows operating system. This operates with both Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and new Windows 8 and 10 models. You can also use it with a Mac, running on a 10.6 version or more. This is perfect for storing your old pictures and videos from your old computer. So long as it runs one of these operating systems and has a USB port, all of your old videos and pictures can be restored using it.

Know the Competitors:

Even after reading our online review of Photo Stick and reading other articles, you might still wonder how this little device compares against flash drives and similar products. The ordinary flash drive is the most growing rival to ThePhotoStick. When you browse on Amazon or any other online shop for flash drives, you will find thousands of listings. External hard-drives also exist. External versions have relatively more storage space than flash drives do. We’ll go over some of the competitors and how they compete with ThePhotoStick to help you decide whether this little device really stacks up against the competition.


When you use the flash drive for the first time, it will scan for the right app and lead you to the App store. Why do we think photostick is better? PhotoStick has built-in software that will do all the hard work for you. This will find every file on your computer and pass those files to its internal memory. With a flash drive, you need to scan for those files yourself and drag and drop each into your drive.

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Although ThePhotoStick and Picture Keeper are quite similar, Picture Keeper comes with an app that you need to download before using the tool. PhotoStick comes with a built-in app inside, ready for you to use. Picture Keeper is available in several different sizes, 16 GB and 32 GB included. ThePhotoStick lacks a choice of 32 GB, though. But, you’ll note that ThePhotoStick is more economical than Picture Keeper when it comes to the bigger models.

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  • SUNSWAN 3.0 USB Flash Drive
Photo Stick

Whether you want a convenient device that you can use for all your family’s phones and computers, the SUNSWAN 3.0 Flash Drive might be preferable. 

Why do we think the photo stick is better? If you equate this flash drive to a Photostick, you can find that the Photo stick can be set up and used quicker. Photo stick doesn’t need any software to be used, but SUNSWAN would ask you to download and install an app before using it. The flash drive has more memory space than ThePhotoStick, and it costs less. But, it is not compatible with devices running on old operating systems. ThePhotoStick is consistent with some of the operating systems that were used in the 1990s and prior.

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  • External hard drives

External hard drives are fitted with a cable that you need to plug into a USB port. Some versions have a cord that can be disconnected and replaced by various ports for use. Yet there is a chance that you may lose the cable. Although external hard drives often have more space for memory, they are often bulky and heavy to use and carry around. ThePhotoStick is compact enough to move it between work and home, or school.

Should You Buy it?

Who do you turn to when thinking of purchasing new items, particularly tech goods? We often turn to our friends and family for advice, or ask someone more trustworthy like a tech expert or someone with a computer science degree. When it comes to new tech devices and accessories, we want you to feel confident in trusting us. We have years of experience in the analysis and use of technology products, which is why we gave a detailed review of ThePhotoStick.


Do we think this tool would be a great buy? Our answer is simple: “yes.” We believe this product offers great value and is good for so many customers who will have difficulty with some of the products in competition. There are a lot of different storage options for digital content out there, but this is a compact product and well worth the money, and for most customers, we think it’s a good purchase.

The Photo Stick Review – Final Verdict

Our experiences and the photo stick reviews we found helped us determine whether our readers would recommend this product. Having looked at all the available information and how this tool operates, we thought it’s a good product for anyone who uses a computer and saves hundreds of pictures in that unit.

It is best to use Photostick if you want to have a simple and efficient backup feature for all your media files, such as images, photographs, and others. This tiny gadget will store a lot of files and create a backup for them. This process of backing up cherished memories has never been more easy and affordable. All the work of sorting out, arranging, is handled by this stick, which is so great for its size.

No matter how careful you are, the simplest of mistakes will result in a catastrophic failure of your hard drive. A visitor might spill a glass of water on your computer, or if you lose your balance on the stairs, you might drop your laptop. Hard drive crashes can also occur due to viruses, or get overheated. In reality, certain viruses will take over the entire operating system and stop you from accessing your files.

ThePhotoStick is a helpful device that can be used by anyone. As long as you’ve got a USB port on your laptop, you can just plug it in and start backing up your files, which would be available to you If your program ever crashes. It works best on videos and photos and is compliant with most plugins and formats, but it also can backup music files and documents. A majority of the reviews we came across on Photo Stick were positive. That feedback encouraged us to feel comfortable in promoting ThePhotoStick to users wanting to find a simple and secure way to back up their data.

We hope you know sufficient about the product to give it a try; trust us, it is a great investment. 

As Tony Stark would say, we love ThePhotoStick 3000!



  1. How much does the photo stick cost?

One can’t put a price on memories, but to protect them, you can do your bit. ThePhotoStick makes this operation easy and affordable and secures what is most important to you. This price starts from only $29.99 and offers guaranteed 30-day money back. ThePhotoStick comes in 8 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB, giving you plenty of options to choose from. To those who want to back up their precious memories conveniently and affordably, we certainly recommend this tool.

  • Who is it made for?

ThePhotoStick should be used by anyone who has a varied photograph collection and wishes to preserve them in an easily accessible manner. When you never seem to have enough storage space for your images and videos, then getting this tool can be a great benefit for you. Now, you and your family will be able to back up cherished memories of yourself. By simply clicking and waiting for the drive to work its magic, save yourself several hours of organizing your photos.

  • Which computers can I use PhotoStick with? 

PhotoStick operates with most computer systems, Windows and Mac included. The PhotoStick device’s compatibility with most operating systems helps you to use it with the following version on any computer. Microsoft: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Apple: 10.7 and later versions of Mac OS X.

  • What if I Have More Than One Device With a Lot of Photos and Videos? 

No trouble. You can use PhotoStick with multiple devices. When you restore memories from more than one computer, it organizes the photos and videos by name for each machine that you gave it when you set up your computer initially, not possible on standard thumb drives and external hard drives. You just won’t find any tool, like PhotoStick, that makes it so easy to back up thousands of your memories.

  • Does PhotoStick work with iPhone? 

It’s called PhotoStick Mobile ( a different variant of Photostick product ). You need to download the free software after you buy the unit at To save your photos, you plug the device directly into your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

  • How does the photo stick work?

You won’t need to manually select the folders and files on your computer. The file selection process is automatically done to save you time. Also, the device works in such a way that you are guaranteed the fastest possible backup operation. The operation runs smoothly to give you the best experience. 

  • How do I back up photos on ThePhotoStick? 

ThePhotoStick is a revolutionary USB tool with apps that instantly searches, detects, organizes, and then back up photos and videos distributed all over your computer, regardless of where they have been saved. So you can rest assured that all your cherished memories are backed up.

  • How long does the delivery take? 

Please allow 7-12 business days for the orders to get delivered outside the USA. Delivery times vary according to region.

  • Does the photo stick work with Mac?

It works with a Windows computer and Mac as well. This tool also functions as a digital stick since you can plug it into a computer right away and transfer files over. It is compliant with all file formats.

  1. How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?

Products are covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which begins on the delivery day. Items must be returned within 30 days and in “new condition” in original/unopened packaging, or have a manufacturing defect, to be liable for a refund.

  1. Is it simple to use? 

It streamlines the process of selecting files for you to store. You only need to plug in the device, and it will immediately start searching for the files. Your only job is to click on the go button, and the system will launch the scanning process using its built-in program.

  1. How many files can it store? 

Up to 60,000 videos and files can be saved on a photo stick. If you want more storage space for your backup, you can also go for the size of 128 GB, which will make it easy for you to achieve great efficiency in your storage process. 

  1. Do you need to install some software?

The photo stick comes with a built-in application to organize and back up videos and files. It scans your files automatically and backs them up once you press the GO button. Due to the fact that you won’t need to install anything; this makes ThePhotoStick an easy-to-use tool that will take you the shortest time to start the backup process. It is a device designed to guarantee value for money.

Using ThePhotoStick is the easiest way to back up all your photos and videos. No more concerns about missing your valuable pictures. The USB drive automatically functions to help you protect your videos and files. It works offline, as well. Thephotostick works to help you backup the files automatically. You won’t even need to install software; the system will function automatically to allow you to back up the files. The system operates really quickly, helping you to gain the ultimate file storage experience.

Photo Stick